One Funnel Away Challenge Review And My Bonus

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One Funnel Away Challenge Review Summary

Our Rating:

  • One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-days step-by-step course on building sales funnels developed by Russell Brunson, founder of
  • Each day the participants in the challenge will be given a task or a mission based on a video training by Russell Brunson.
  • The participants will have to complete the task within 24 hours.
  • The participants will get a digital workbook called “One-Pager” for each mission.
  • They will also get 30-days access to a Facebook group of fellow participants. There will be additional live trainings and Q&A sessions conducted by other coaches in the Facebook group.
  • There are 3 bonuses for joining – the “30-days”ebook, unlimited access to the “30-days” interviews and behind the scenes of the “Two Comma Club” funnels.
  • At the end of the challenge, the participant will have a sales funnel built for his/her business.
  • The cost of joining the challenge is $100.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a very popular course on building sales funnels.

It has been around for 2 years.

It was started in 2019 by Russell Brunson, founder of

It has been updated and revamped completely in 2021.

When I took the challenge in 2020, the syllabus was different and so were the coaches.

In the new format, however, the One Funnel Away Challenge or OFA Challenge, as it is popularly called, does not have Stephen Larsen and Julian Stoian in the team.

There is one new coach in the One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 version, Rachel Miller, besides off-course Russell Brunson himself.

So, how is the course now?

Is it still good as the old one?

Well, I must confess that I have not taken the new challenge myself yet.

But, I have heard what people have been saying about the new OFA challenge.

So, based on my previous experience and the experience of the new participants, I am going to analyze myself. whether I should join the challenge once more.

And, you too can follow my process and see whether you should take up the challenge yourself.

So, let’s get going.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

one funnel away challenge review
Fig.1 The One Funnel Away Challenge Course

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a short course of 30 days.

But, it is not like a regular course where you would get video lectures and ebooks to consume at your own pace.

This is a practical course where you not only consume but also implement what you’ve learned simultaneously.

You will be given a challenge.

And that challenge is to keep up with the pace of the course.

And that pace is the core concept behind this course.

Every day you will get a short video from Russell Brunson, teaching you the concepts and the steps you need to complete a task for that day.

Then you will be given assignments, fondly called “missions”, which you have to complete on that very day.

Because on the next day, there will be another video with a new assignment.

So, if you do not finish your assignment on that very day, you will get left behind.

There will be plenty of help though.

You will be hooked up in a Facebook group, where there will be additional live training and Q&A sessions.

So, if you need help on anything, you can join these sessions and get help from the team of coaches live, who are called “implementation coaches”.

You can also get help from your fellow participants in the Facebook group.

Or you can help somebody yourself if you want.

So, there is plenty of learning and networking opportunities in the course.

And, if you are up to the challenge and complete all the assignments on a daily basis, you will have your sales funnel built and running in as little as 30 days.

Isn’t it amazing?

I may sound a bit biased, but after taking the course myself, I was really amazed at how much I learned about sales funnels, without getting overwhelmed.

The lessons were byte-sized and delivered in a step-by-step manner.

There was surely the daily grind, but I knew that the labor I am putting in now, would serve me in the future.

I have lost count on how many courses I bought which I never completed.

But this course was very different.

I not only finished it but built myself a whole new funnel in record time.

So, if you can forget everything else for 30 days and think, eat and sleep with the OFA 30 Day Challenge, you will come out with a business built from the scratch.

And when you build a sales funnel with guidance from such renowned marketer as Russell Brunson himself, you can be sure that your sales funnel will be pretty solid.

It may so happen that, your sales funnel, which you will build right in this challenge, will actually start to earn for you.

It has happened to many people.

But, if you have never built a funnel or have zero experience in online business, then I would ask you to not think of earning right away.

But there is no harm to aim high, right?

You may or may not earn inside the 30 days challenge, but if you have kept the pace and finished all your assignments, you will start to earn real money sooner than you thought.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is ideal for go-getters, who are looking to implement everything that is needed to build a sales funnel in 30 days.

Let’s now dive deep into it and see what exactly the 30 days has in store for us.

Pre-Training Week

This is the pre-training week, designed to make you believe that the challenge actually works for you.

This week is about having the correct mindset.

You can take it easy this week before the real thing starts.

Week 1

  • Day 1: Your First Sales Funnel.
  • Day 2: Your Flagship Framework
  • Day 3: Creating Your Irresistible Offer Stack.
  • Day 4: Create Your Page (On Facebook).
  • Day 5: Creating Content (Your Publishing Schedule).
  • Day 6 & 7 : Weekend Homework.

Week 2

  • Day 8: Who, What, Why, How.
  • Day 9: Creating the Sales Page.
  • Day 10: The Order Form Bump (Framework By-Product).
  • Day 11: Plugging Your Offer Into the Members Area.
  • Day 12: OTO #1 – Do It With You (Over the Shoulder).
  • Day 13 & 14 : Weekend Homework

Week 3

  • Day 15: The “OTO” #1 Script and Page.
  • Day 16: OTO #2 Script and Page / TY Page.
  • Day 17: Connecting and Testing.
  • Day 18: Your Epiphany Bridge Origin Story.
  • Day 19: Building Your Dream 100 and Hook, Story, Offer.
  • Day 20 & 21 : Weekend Homework

Week 4

  • Day 22: Drive Traffic And Promote Your Funnel.
  • Day 23: Collect Your People And Setup the Tech.
  • Day 24: Hook & Sell With Ads.
  • Day 25: The Value Ladder.
  • Day 26: One Funnel Away….
  • Day 27 & 28 : Weekend Homework

As I have already written above, the core training will be provided by Russell Brunson on the above topics for 30 days.

He will also give you the missions or the assignments for each day.

You will get digital workbooks for each day called One Pager.

The daily digital workbook will be a one-page app, where there will be a mission or assignment checklist, a link to the video training, extra resource links, and a space for you to brainstorm or journal.

There will be additional live training in the Facebook group for 30 days where you can resolve your doubts.

The live training sessions will be conducted by a team of other coaches called “implementation coaches”.

There is also a bonus training called “Big breakthrough” which will be held in a private group.

I will discuss the key differences between the old syllabus and the new one below.

But let’s talk about how much you need to pay to take the challenge.

One Funnel Away Challenge price

To join the challenge you will need to pay $100.

They have not changed the price.

One Funnel Away Challenge bonus

They have tweaked the bonuses a bit.

Previously, you had the option to get the bonus kit delivered over mail to your home, which contained the printed version of the workbook, a hardcover version of the 30 days book, and an MP3 player containing “Two Comma Club” behind the scenes interviews.

They have done away with mailing the bonus kit.

At present, the bonuses are only available as digital downloads.

And obviously, there is no MP3 player.

So, let’s take a look at the bonuses that you will get when you join the One Funnel Away Challenge.

[picture of the bonus]

  • 30 Days ebook: This is a 550 page ebook containing 30 chapters. Each chapter is about one Two Comma Club winner, who describes his/her strategy to rebuild their business again, if they suddenly lost everything they have now.

  • 30 Days Interviews: You will get unlimited access to the interviews of 30 marketing experts such as Spencer Mecham, Dan Henry, etc., who will share their own 30 days plan to build their businesses again, if they lost everything they have now.

  • Behind the scenes of the Two Comma Club Funnels: Some Two Comma Club winners shares their exact funnels they used to become Two Comma Club winners.

One Funnel Away Challenge discount

There is no discount for joining the One Funnel Away Challenge.

One Funnel Away Challenge refund

You will get 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Is One Funnel Away Challenge worth it?

I am sure you have understood by now, that the One Funnel Away Challenge is different from a regular course.

When we buy a course, the main criteria is the course content, right?

And then it’s the price.

Everything is actually about price, isn’t it?

After we get excited about a course, we check our wallets and ask ourselves – “Can I afford it?”

The beauty of the One Funnel Away Challenge is that you do not really have to check your wallet!

I mean, who cannot afford $100 for a funnel course!

So, what we need to really check out is whether this course will help us to build a sales funnel in 30 days.

It actually did for my sales funnel when I bought it in 2020.

With the 2 coaches gone and a revamped course content, I really need to check whether it will deliver now as it did for me before.

So, let’s first understand the difference between the old course content and the new one.

I am not going to describe the old course content in detail because it is not relevant anymore.

But here is what each week was about in the old One Funnel Away Challenge.

  • Pre-Training Week: Belief.
  • Week 1: Creating offers and creating the assets of your product.
  • Week 2: Copywriting and publishing.
  • Week 3: Creating and testing the funnel.
  • Week 4: Traffic.

We looked into the new course content in detail already above.

What I found about the difference between the old one and the new one is this:

  • The pre-training week is the same as before.
  • We still learn to create offers in week 1 as before. But now, in addition to that, we also learn to create content on various platforms, especially Facebook.
  • We start building the funnel in week 2.
  • We finish building the funnel and then test it in week 3. And then also start with traffic in the same week.
  • In week 4, we start driving traffic to our funnel. We also learn what to do after our sales funnel is built.

Let us now see the advantages and disadvantages of the One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 version:


  • We learn about getting organic traffic from Facebook in the new version.
  • We also learn to build two OTO pages with the scripts in the new version.
  • I guess, the “Collect Your People And Setup the Tech” module is about email marketing, but I am not sure.
  • There is also a new module on Value Ladder.
  • “Big Breakthrough” bonus training is added in the new version.
  • All the videos are new.
  • Great bonuses for getting inspired.
  • All the links to the videos and resources are now available in one place – the One Pager app.
  • The course is now well spaced out than before. So, there is an increased chance for finishing the challenge on time.
  • Unbeatable price.


  • You have to be really committed to the challenge to get the full benefit.
  • There is a chance of getting burned out.

One Funnel Away Challenge Alternatives

As we can understand from above, if you are serious about building sales funnels and build it fast, there is no better product than the One Funnel Away Challenge at the moment.

I have looked for a similar course everywhere, but have not found anything worthy of comparing to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

However, I found a course called Full-Time Funnel Designer by Gusten Sun which is highly rated and quite similar in content to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

But, it is a regular course and not really a challenge.

I have not taken the course myself, but it sure looks promising.

Let’s compare both the courses and see if that can be an alternative to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

One Funnel Away Challenge Full-Time Funnel Designer
Funnel Designing
Offer Creation
Content Creation
Value Ladder
Digital Workbooks
Funnel Templates
Email Swipes
Sales Scripts
Facebook Access 30 Days Lifetime
Additional Live Coaching Daily Weekly
Bonus 3 3
Course Access 30 Days Lifetime
Price $100 $799

If you still think that you need an alternative you can consider the Full-Time Funnel Designer course by Gusten Sun.

But please note that the course costs $799 compared to Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge, which is just $100.

How to take a decision whether to join?

It is really hard to get an honest review of the One Funnel Away Challenge anywhere.

It seems that the internet is flooded with affiliates promoting the course everywhere.

I am an affiliate myself, but I never promote something without experiencing it first.

And I always try and give a genuine review and I am really proud of that.

I will leave it up to you to believe that or not.

But, I will never missell. You can count me on that.

Now, the One Funnel Away Challenge has a whole page dedicated to testimonials.

But considering that the page belongs to the course creators themselves, as a prudent person, I would rather look for third-party review sites to get an honest testimonial.

Hence I went ahead and found a review at Trustpilot after a long search.

There are only 4 reviews there, but they seemed to be genuine.

The ratings were 4.0 out of 5.0.

So, considering that there are not enough genuine reviews out there, I have to make the decision based on my own experience with the course.

I was really satisfied with everything that I experienced in 2020.

So, I do not really need to hesitate and go ahead and take up the challenge once more.

Especially after I analyzed the updated content as above, I really feel that I should.

But, if you are in a dilemma about whether to join or not, let me give you my genuine advice.

one funnel away challenge and my decision
Fig.2 My Advice On Whether You Should Join The One Funnel Away Challenge

Next OFA Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is held twice a month.

But you can join anytime for the upcoming challenge.

Click the button below to check out the next date for the challenge.

Should you join directly?

My good advice, as always – never ever buy directly from the company without checking the offers from its affiliates.

There is a good chance that you will find an affiliate offering you great bonuses on top of what is offered by the company.

You will pay the same price anyways.

So do not miss the chance of getting additional bonuses.

My bonuses if you join through me

I always offer my own bonus stack on top of what you get from the company.

Check it out.



The One Funnel Away Challenge is a course like no other.

As I have already written above, I participated in the challenge in 2020 and went on to complete it.

I was completely blown away by the course content and the coaching every day.

However, keeping pace with the assignments was not always easy.

The fact that I am pretty conversant with computers and graphics helped me to finish the creative parts of the challenge easily.

But I struggled with keeping the tempo going for 30 days at a stretch.

It seems that the 2021 version of the challenge has addressed this concern.

I now see that there are scheduled weekend breaks, which will definitely help me to catch up with the pace.

The new course content also seems to have addressed the present-day needs.

I am really excited to see that Facebook organic marketing has been introduced now.

The course content is primarily based on the books written by Russell Brunson, which are really the bible on building funnels and online businesses.

The revamped One Funnel Away Challenge takes the core principles in the books and kind of forces you to implement them in your business.

If you are wondering whether you need a subscription to the Clickfunnels app, then be assured that you do not really need it.

But, you definitely need to have access to a funnel builder because you will be building a sales funnel after all.

What you need is to learn the principles of marketing and then build the funnel based on those principles.

One Funnel Away Challenge will help you to get both.

And if you are new to funnels and wondering whether you should have a product first, then my answer would be – No.

You can build a sales funnel either for your own product or for products belonging to others.

That is, you can sell a product by being an affiliate of that product.

So, sign up as an affiliate of any product you like, then take the One Funnel Away Challenge and you will be on your way to a thriving online business.

And lastly, let me tell you that the price of this course is dirt-cheap compared to any other course on the planet.

So, based on my previous experience and my analysis as above, I am definitely joining the next challenge.

Are you?