GrooveFunnels Review – Is It Really Free? The Ultimate Truth Revealed.

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GrooveFunnels Review Summary

Our Rating:

  • Groove has a suite of 17 apps at the moment.
  • You can build funnels, e-commerce stores, blogs, brand websites and membership sites.
  • You can do email marketing, live webinars, automated webinars, live streaming and recruit affiliates.
  • You can host videos, customer helpdesk, book appointments, run surveys/quizes, show proof widgets, build sales pipeline and do funnel mapping.
  • Groove is currently in beta.
  • It is available on a lifetime deal for a very limited time.
  • There is a also Free lifetime plan with limited features.

Oh no…another Groovefunnels review?

I am usually brutally honest in writing my reviews.

There are hundreds of GrooveFunnel reviews on the internet.

But the problem with those reviews is that if you have read one of them, then you have pretty much read it all.

Because they are all same.

But, I am not here to write just the good things so that you buy GrooveFunnels or Groove (Groovefunnels software is now rebranded as Groove).

I don’t want to write another article to promote Groove.

Sure, I would like to earn a commission, because I am also an affiliate.

But I don’t want to mis-sell.

I am actually going to spill the beans here so that making a decision on getting Groove becomes easy for you.

I am going to share my experiences with using Groove for the last 17 months so that you get the real picture.

I assure you that my review here will not be biased.

So, let’s get started.

What is Groove?

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of whether you should use Groove at all, it is important to understand what is GrooveFunnels and what it can do for you.

So let’s dive deep into Groove and see what it is all about.

Groovefunnels review
Fig. 1 The Groove Dashboard

Groove (Fig.1) is a SAAS platform having a suite of 17 apps.

So, what can you do with those 17 apps?

  • You can build funnels.
  • You can build brand websites.
  • You can build membership sites.
  • You can write blogs.
  • You can build e-commerce stores.
  • You can do email marketing.
  • You can do video marketing.
  • You can do live webinars.
  • You can do automated or evergreen webinars.
  • You can live stream to social media like Facebook, Youtube, etc.
  • You can build affiliate networks.
  • You can have a customer helpdesk.
  • You can run quizes and surveys.
  • You can show social proof on websites.
  • You can manage leads and customers through the sales flow.
  • You can map and plan your funnels.

There is no need to buy separate hosting for your websites as hosting and SSL are in-built.

You can also connect custom domains into Groove or use a subdomain over the domain of one of the apps for Free (Fig.2).

hosting panel in Groove
Fig.2 Hosting panel in Groove

Apart from the apps, Groove also has its own payment gateway service for collecting payments called GroovePay (Fig.3). You can also connect other payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, etc. with Groove to collect payments.

Fig.3 GroovePay

Groove also has two other services called GrooveAds (Fig.4) and GrooveSolos for serving ads on Google ads, Facebook ads, Youtube ads, solo ads, etc.

Fig 4 GrooveAds

Groove has also partnered with CopyPro and launched the Groove CopyPro, a copywriting app (Fig.5).

Fig.5 GrooveCopyPro

Groove can be integrated with other platforms such as ActiveCampaign, AWeber, CampaignMonitor, WebForm, Everwebinar, GetResponse, GoToWebinar, Leadlovers, Mailchimp, Mautic, Perkzilla, Pipedrive, ProductDyno, Sendiio, Webinarjam, Youzign, and Zapier (Fig.6).

Fig.6 Integrations in Groove

It also has a mobile app to get instant sales notifications and check stats (Fig.7).

Groove Mobile app
Fig.7 Groove mobile app

Groove also has its own marketplace called GrooveMarketplace where Groove users can sell their own digital products, physical products, and services (Fig.8).

Groove Marketplace
Fig. 8 Groove Marketplace

There is also an Affiliate Marketplace where the users can recruit affiliates for their own digital products similar to Clickbank, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, etc (Fig.9).

Groove Affiliate Marketplace
Fig.9 Groove Affiliate Marketplace

Groove will be releasing their SDK next year that other developers can use to develop apps and plugins similar to Apple AppStore, Android Play Store, Google Chrome Web Store, WordPress Plugins, etc. (Fig.10).

Groove SDK
Fig.10 Groove SDK for developers

They will also release the API next year so that the Groove platform can be connected with other apps (Fig. 11).

Groove API
Fig.11 Groove API

In the future, the company aims to make Groove a complete CRM or a Customer Relationship Management system.

It has plans to develop more apps for managing leads, driving leads through sales pipelines, tracking communications, measure performance through data and analytics, and funnel mapping.

There is a very active community of “Groovesters” on their Facebook groups page (Fig.12).

facebook community of groove
Fig.12 The Facebook community

They have 2 training portals – Groove Digital Academy (Fig.13) and Groove. how.

groove digital academy
Fig.13 Groove Digital Academy

They also have a Youtube channel (Fig.14).

youtube channel of groove
Fig.14 The Youtube channel

The company, GrooveDigital LLC, is founded by a group of 6 online marketers (Fig. 15) each having more than a decade of experience in online or digital marketing. The company is based in Boca Raton, Florida, US.

founders of Groove Digital
Fig.15 The founders of GrooveDigital LLC

The company holds two online conferences several times during a year called “State of the Groovion” and “Groove-a-Thon“.

It also arranges an annual offline conference called GrooveKon around November every year (Fig.16).

Fig.16 The GrooveKon website

The company also hosts an annual event just after GrooveKon called Marketers Cruise, where online marketers all over the world can join and take a cruise vacation (Fig.17).

marketers cruise
Fig.17 The Marketers Cruise

Who can use Groove?

The Groove suite of apps can be used by any entrepreneur and professional to sell digital products, physical products, and services online.

groovepage template
Fig.18 A sales page template in GroovePages app

So you can use Groove, if you –

  • Are selling your own digital products like courses, ebooks, softwares, etc.
  • Are selling your own physical products.
  • Are selling products through dropshipping and print-on-demand.
  • Are doing affiliate marketing.
  • Are running an agency for ads, SEO, copywriting, website designing, funnel designing, etc.
  • Are selling real estate, insurance, mutual funds, etc.
  • Are a professional such as a doctor, lawyer, dentist, etc. and need to book appointments.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running your business locally or globally.

As long as you want to sell anything online you can use Groove.

What apps are included in Groove?

Groove has a suite of 17 apps at the moment.

groove apps
Fig.19 Some of the apps in Groove

But the apps are at various stages of development.

Some of the apps are fully developed, some are still being developed and the development of some other apps has not yet started.

The apps that are still being developed are in “Sandbox mode”. It means that the app is released and you can play with it, but it cannot be used for business.

So, what is the current status of these 17 apps?

When I came across Groove in April 2020, there were just 3 apps, and all of them were in Beta.

But now, as I write this article in August 2021, 9 apps are released already of which 7 apps are working fully and 2 apps are on Sandbox mode.

Development of the remaining 8 apps has not begun yet.

So, you can run your business with the 7 apps that are fully working now, but you cannot use the 2 apps that are on Sandbox mode.

If you use the apps and find bugs, you can report them to the feedback portal (Fig.20). You can also request new features there.

groove feedback portal
Fig.20 The feedback portal

Let’s now take a look at all the apps in detail.

1. GroovePages

Fig.21 The GroovePages app

With GroovePages (Fig.21) you can build different pages of your funnel like opt-in pages, sales pages, upsell pages, down-sell pages, thank-you pages, and checkout pages.

You can also use GroovePages to build brand websites.

It is a drag & drop page builder. You have to drag the blocks and the elements into the canvas to build a page. You can then adjust the settings of the different elements as per your need.

You may build a website from scratch or choose one of the GrooveFunnels templates. There are about 194 templates at the moment. They are categorized into Single Pages, Complete Sites, Funnels, and Webinars. You can also create and save your own template.

You can also create pop-up pages and add them to any page you want.

There is a toggle button at the top of the canvas (Fig.21) to adjust a page for different devices.

You can upload your own images or choose a royalty-free image available inside the app itself.

You can share a funnel with other Groove users. Or you can import a funnel from other users into GroovePages.

There is an Instant Edit Bookmarklet tool, which can be downloaded and added to the Chrome browser as an extension. Once added you can go directly o the GroovePages app, if you are already logged in, to edit the page.

You can connect your own custom domain or have a free sub-domain on the GroovePages domain.

There is no need to buy hosting separately as hosting with SSL is in-built into Groove.

The app is fully released.

2. GrooveSell

Fig.22 The GrooveSell app

What is GrooveSell? GrooveSell is the app to set up payment gateways for funnels and set up various other aspects of your business.

Currently, you can set up payment gateways with GroovePay, Stripe,, NMI, Paypal, and Braintree.

In GrooveSell you can also manage affiliates, create affiliate promotion tools, create coupons, create order bumps, manage leaderboards, create tracking links, join affiliate programs available in the Groove Marketplace and manage partner contracts.

A Partner Contract is a revenue-sharing system that allows splitting profits between business partners.

You can get various reports like customer details, cart abandons, payment history, successful transactions, and failed transactions. You can also get other reports like signups, sales, revenue, profits, commissions, refunds, etc.

You can connect a custom domain for the checkout pages or use a free subdomain on the GrooveSell domain. Hosting and SSL is included.

GrooveSell also has a Proof Widget setting (Fig.23) called GrooveProof. When set up it displays a small notification in the corner of the webpage to show proof of purchases made by other customers in the past.

proof widget in groovesell
Fig.23 The Proof Widget setup dialogue in GrooveSell

GrooveSell and GrooveProof are released fully.

3. GrooveKart

Fig.24 The GrooveKart app

GrooveKart is the app for building e-commerce stores for selling physical products.

When setting up a store, you have to first create a sub-domain on the GrooveKart domain. A dummy store with a Test Credit Card will then be dumped automatically on that subdomain.

After the dummy store has been dumped, you have to go through a wizard (Fig.24) to set up the store details like currency, shipping, taxes, payment gateway, custom domain, email template, etc.

You can then modify the design of the store, the categories, create products, create discount coupons, integrate dropshipping and print-on-demand services, and add a support ticketing system.

You can also add product reviews, live chat, proof widget, GDPR, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, etc.

You can connect a custom domain or get a free subdomain on the GrooveKart domain. Hosting and SSL is integrated.

You can sell your own products or add products from other apps for dropshipping and print-on-demand.

GrooveKart is integrated with LayerApp, Ali-connect, TeeScape, Slingly, Dropified, Printful, and Orderlytics.

You can also add products for your store from the GrooveKart Marketplace.

The app is fully released.

4. GrooveBlog

Fig.25 The GrooveBlog app

GrooveBlog is an app for writing blogs (Fig.25).

You can create a blog on the root of your custom domain or have a blog as a sub-domain on your custom domain or have it as a folder of your custom domain.

You can also create a blog as a sub-domain on the GrooveBlog domain in case you do not want to use a custom domain.

There is no need to purchase hosting as hosting and SSL are in-built.

At present, there is only 1 GrooveBlog theme.

There are separate tabs to create posts, create categories, change themes, create header and footer navigations.

You can change settings like URL format, logo, favicon, social links, Facebook comments, forms, embed advertisements, and add tracking pixels.

Inside the edit posts tab, you can add the featured image, post slug, category, keywords, excerpt, meta-data, meta description, open graph, and custom code.

The writing canvas has a floating text editor which appears and disappears on selecting a text or typing the enter/return key.

You can insert images, videos and code embed to the blog posts.

You can also schedule publishing the posts in the future or publish them instantly.

GrooveBlog has very limited SEO features at the moment.

More themes and features like sitemaps, schema tags, author-box, related posts, post blocks, quotes, social sharing icons, buttons, tables, Table of Contents, pop-ups, etc. are needed.

The app has a lot of bugs too.

Although the app is released fully, I feel it should have been in Sandbox mode.

5. GrooveMember

Fig.26 The GrooveMember app

GrooveMember app (Fig.26) is for creating membership areas and membership portals for your courses.

You can also store files and share links.

You can deliver your courses by various methods like all at once or on a schedule.

You can manage members and instructors and get reports and analytics.

You can drag & drop different elements to the canvas to create the portal.

You can connect your own custom domain or create a sub-domain on the GrooveMember domain like all the other apps.

Hosting and SSL are included for Free.

The GrooveMember app is fully working.

6. GrooveMail

Fig.27 The GrooveMail app

The GrooveMail app (Fig.27) is an email marketing app.

You cannot host an email inbox and get emails from others, but you can send emails.

You can build email subscription forms to collect leads, create lists, assign tags, and put them into categories and segments.

You can also create a suppression list.

You can create email campaigns for one-time email broadcasts or send emails in sequences.

You can create also create automation based on the behaviors of the leads and customers to send emails and increase conversions.

You can get all the stats on the dashboard like opens, clicks, form submissions, etc.

Currently, you cannot send emails through the GrooveMail app itself due to a spamming issue early this year. But you can send emails using the SMTP of Sendgrid.

GrooveMail is on Sandbox mode. Only paid users can add senders through Sendgrid at the moment.

7. GrooveAffiliate

Fig.28 The GrooveAffiiate app

The GrooveAffiliate app (Fig.28) helps you to recruit and manage affiliates or vendors of your own products.

You can have your products listed in the Affiliate Marketplace of Groove or any other third-party marketplaces like Clickbank, JVzoo, etc.

You can manage payouts, the performance of the affiliates, get payment history, manage leaderboards, get reports of the customers they bring in, get reports of cart abandons, create coupons and create tracking links.

GrooveAffiliate can also be used to get reports of your own affiliate earnings too if you are selling any product from the Groove Affiliate Marketplace.

The app is released fully.

8. GrooveVideo

Fig.29 The GrooveVideo app

The GrooveVideo app (Fig.29) can store and stream videos to your sales pages.

The videos can be set up to display CTA (call-to-action) buttons and forms after a certain period of time.

However, the CTA feature is not available yet.

Currently, you can upload your videos, encode them automatically and get an embed code for embedding them.

You can upload videos in MP4, FLV, and WEBM formats.

You can also upload videos from Youtube or an URL.

The maximum file size allowed for a video is 5 MB.

GrooveVideo is released fully, but the CTA feature is yet to be implemented.

9. GrooveWebinars Automated

Fig. 30 The GrooveWebinars app

The GrooveWebinars App (Fig.30) can be used for live and automated webinars.

Currently, it is available for streaming automated or evergreen webinars only.

Evergreen webinars are similar to hosting a live webinar. The only difference is that it streams a pre-recorded webinar, like a video, to a webpage.

GrooveWebinars Automated is on Sandbox mode.

10. GrooveWebinars Live

With GrooveWebinars Live you can hold live webinars, take surveys and polls, use canned responses and get the analytics of a webinar hosted by you.

It is not yet released.

11. GrooveStream

GrooveStream is an app to stream live videos across different social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, etc.

It is not yet released.

12. GrooveDesk

The GrooveDesk app will be a helpdesk platform where your customers can create tickets to get customer support.

It is not yet released.

13. GrooveCalendar

The GrooveCalendar app will be an appointment booking app, but it is not released yet.

14. GrooveSurvey

The GrooveSurvey app will be an app for taking surveys and feedback from your customers.

It is not yet released.

15. GrooveQuiz

The GrooveQuiz app will help you to run contests on your website I guess, but it is yet to be released.

16. GrooveFunnelMapping

The GrooveFunnelMapping app will be a drag & drop type system to plan a funnel and run A/B split tests.

It is not yet released.

17. GroovePipe

The GroovePipe app will help you to manage leads and customers. You will be able to track all communications with them and get reports of the customer journey through the sales flow.

It is not yet released.

When will all the apps be ready to use?

Projects such as Groove are huge.

It takes many years to develop only one single app to perfection. And Groove has 17 apps on its hands to develop. So, it will definitely not be an easy job.

We understand that.

But having said that, we the customers, cannot wait for years for the apps to come out of beta, can we? After all, we all have a business to run, right?

What does the company have to say on this?

Well, in the last 17 months that I have been using the platform, I saw Groove saying on several occasions that they have all the resources needed to develop the apps now than it had a year back (Fig.31).

They said that the company has the funds and a team of developers all over the world, who are working diligently to build the apps as quickly as possible.

mike filsaime
Fig.31 Mike Filsaime, CEO, announcing the hiring of developers

Usually, the company announces regular app updates, deployment of new features, and bug fixes in their Facebook group (Fig.32).

groove announcements
Fig.32 Announcements of app updates in the Facebook group

There is also a Q&A session held every Tuesday and Friday in their Facebook group, where anybody can learn about using the apps if they are stuck on something.

Sometimes you can also get an idea of the development of the apps in these Q&A sessions.

However, the major announcements are made in their 2 online conferences called “Groove-a-Thon” (Fig.33) and “State of the Groovion”.

Fig.33 Groove-a-Thon July 2021

In their 9-days Groove-a-Thon event in July 2021, Mike Filsaime, the CEO of Groove Digital LLC, announced that:

  • GrooveMail, GrooveWebinar Automated and GrooveMember will be released fully by August 2021 or early September 2021.
  • No timelines for upgrading GrooveBlogs and GrooveVideo were given.
  • The apps for which the development has not started yet will begin later this year or in early 2022.

So that’s the latest updates on the development side.

Are the apps easy to operate?

In the beginning, when I came across Groove in April 2020, I found the apps to be very buggy indeed.

The only apps that were available back then were GrooveKart, GroovePages, and GrooveSell. All the 3 apps were in beta mode.

Later on that year till now, I have seen massive development to these 3 apps.

Besides crushing most of the bugs and improving the UI, they developed 6 more apps and released them all to play around with.

Here’s a short demo of the GroovePages app (Fig.34).

Fig.34 Demo of GroovePages

I definitely find these apps to be less buggy now than they did a year back.

I have played around with all the apps as they were being developed and I will say this – I am amazed at all the features that they have now.

You may get overwhelmed at the beginning with all the features that are available in each of the apps

You may also find a steep learning curve.

But as with any new toy, once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy to operate.

If you start using the apps for a week or so, you will get used to them and adapt very fast.

But off-course it varies from person to person. Some may master them in a week and some may need more time.

The good thing about the Groove platform, however, is that all the apps and the dashboards share a common layout and design.

There are setup wizards for most of the apps. So, you don’t have to search for the settings.

Building websites and pages in GroovePages is drag & drop like many other page builders.

You may have to learn which setting does what, but if you build a page using a template, you can build it easily and in less time.

Building e-commerce stores involves just dumping a demo store and then modifying it as needed. So, it is quite intuitive too.

Setting up blogs and writing posts in GrooveBlog is a breeze.

Setting up payment gateways, managing affiliates, etc. are also a set of wizards.

Automations, broadcasts, creating forms and lists in GrooveMail are quite intuitive too.

Operating GrooveMember and GrooveVideo are simple.

Fig.35 Is Groove intuitive?

In short, I will say that I have seen the very buggy side of Groove in their early days and was very frustrated.

But I find it a delight to work with the apps now.

I feel the company is working to make the UI (User Interface) more intuitive every day.

They push a flood of updates every month; so it’s quite evident.

What is the price?

Groove is a Freemium product.

It means you can sign up as a Free user and use all the apps Free for life.

And if you like it, you can upgrade to a premium plan later.

The GrooveFunnels Free plan, however, has limited features.

If you want, you can remove all the limitations by upgrading to the premium or to the GrooveFunnels Lifetime plan called “Platinum”.

But the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal on the Platinum plan is available for a limited time only.

The lifetime deal on the Platinum plan is available for $1997 only.

Are there any hidden terms?

No there are no hidden terms or any fine-print for the Platinum Lifetime plan.

However, the lifetime deal on the Platinum plan is available for a very limited period only.

Are there any payment plans?

Yes, there are two easy payment plans of 3 monthly installments of $699 each and 2 monthly installments of $999 each (Fig.36).

groove pricing
Fig.36 The payment plans

Is there a refund option?

Yes. There is a money-back guarantee of 30 days (Fig.37).

money back guarantee
Fig.37 The 30-days money-back guarantee on the website

Is there a bonus?

Yes. If you get the lifetime deal and upgrade to the Platinum plan, you get 2 Free tickets (worth $697 each) to the GrooveKon conference (Fig. 38).

groove bonus
Fig.38 The bonus when you buy the lifetime plan

Is there a plan for agencies?

Yes, there will be a pricing plan for agencies in the future. But the details are not announced yet.

How’s the support?

You can reach GrooveFunnels support through chat or email from the Groove dashboard (Fig.39).

You can also create a ticket by clicking the Groove Support Desk from the main dashboard.

groove customer support
Fig.39 The customer support inside the Groove app dashboard

I contacted them over email through the customer support helpdesk from the Groove main dashboard on a few occasions.

The support tickets were created instantly and were sent by email. And they responded within a couple of days.

Except for one occasion when they failed to understand my issue, I found them to be helpful and eager to answer queries.

Besides contacting their support over email, I also chatted with them on a number of occasions. I found the agents to be cordial and helpful.

Apart from the customer helpdesk, I have also asked questions in their bi-weekly live Q&A sessions fondly called “Groove LemonAid” (Fig.40).

I found the host, David Lemon, to be very helpful in answering my queries and showing me live on how things work.

To be frank, I have not seen anybody working so hard and is so eager to demo everything in such detail.

He is really amazing.

Fig.40 The Q&A session of David Lemon

I have also found the Groove Facebook community to be very active.

There are many people in the community who are always eager to help others.

Apart from these, there are training videos on their Youtube channel, the “Groove. how” website, and the “Groove Digital Training Academy” website.

You can also watch the replays of Groove-a-Thon and other events of the company on their company website and on the Youtube channel.

I found Groove to be always churning out training videos on using the apps, some very long and others short, which really helps to understand how the apps work.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the support that I had from the helpdesk, the Q&A sessions, the Facebook community, and the demos in their Youtube channel.

But the jewel in the crown is the training at the Groove-a-Thon conference. The training is not just about their apps but they cover everything related to online marketing. And they are absolutely free of cost.

The recently concluded Groove-a-Thon event in August 2021 even had live case studies done over long-distance video calls with the Groove users. The case studies were done by the CEO of the company Mike Filsaime himself. It was absolutely mind-blowing.

So, yeah, I am very much satisfied with the support and the community.

And I find myself to be really looking forward to their events and training.

Is switching to Groove worth it?

When I came across Groove, I was working with WordPress.

WordPress is the holy grail of CRM platforms. It’s been around for a very long time and is quite a reliable platform to run a business.

I used WordPress to run my blogs and was quite happy.

I was not into funnels, memberships, or e-commerce stores at that time. So I never used any funnel builders or e-commerce or LMS platforms.

I was happily using WordPress and never really felt the need to switch to other platforms like Wix, Leadpages, Squarespace, etc.

When I found Groove, I signed up just because it was available for Free.

Questions like – “Is GrooveFunnels any good?” – never really crossed my mind when I signed up.

Later, when I started playing with it, I started to realize its potential.

I have seen many ups and downs of the platform during the last 17 months of using it.

The advantages of the platform are quite evident.

But the disadvantages of using Groove have also not escaped my attention.

So, with the experience that I had with Groove till now, let me share with you what I think about Groove.


  • Great UI (User Interface).
  • No need to buy different apps.
  • No need to integrate different apps.
  • The apps are intutive.
  • Sites does not break on updates.
  • No data loss.
  • Royalty-free photos.
  • Free hosting
  • Good website speed for funnels.
  • Good Security
  • Good customer support
  • Fantastic Trainings
  • Great Community
  • Geat affiliate program.
  • Free version available
  • Fantastic lifetime deal


  • Transferring funnels, blogs, etc. from other apps not possible.
  • GrooveMail cannot be used without external SMTP.
  • GrooveBlog has limited features.
  • Many apps are yet to be developed.
  • Have to use alternatives till apps are built.

I had some concerns

When Groove came out, many people had a lot of concerns about it.

They were asking questions on various forums; questions such as “Is GrooveFunnels legit?”.

Even I had these concerns myself at first.

After using it for 17 months, I think I am in a good position now to answer these questions.

Let me share with you some of these concerns that I also had and, what I think about them now.

1. Is Groove a pyramid scheme?

Groove gave the impression of being a pyramid scheme mostly because of its two-tier affiliate program (more on that later).

What I have found out is that Groove does not recruit people down a chain, which is a must in pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, and MLM.

Groove also sells a legitimate product, unlike pyramid or Ponzi schemes where there is no sell of product at all.

So, Groove is definitely not a pyramid or Ponzi or MLM scheme.

It is a legitimate SAAS company and has a legitimate affiliate program like any other company.

2. Is Mike Filsaime a seller of get-rich-quick products?

I actually come across this question on a blog, where it was written that Mike Filsaime is a former seller of get-rich-quick products.

All I have to say is that the blogger who wrote that article definitely had some maligned intention to promote something else.

I have done my research on Mike and have no doubt that he is a very successful online marketer.

He commands high respect in the industry due to groundbreaking marketing tactics and knowledge.

3. Is Groove full of bugs?

Some people have complained that Groove is too buggy to work on.

Well, it was before, for sure, but not anymore.

If you haven’t seen Groove in the last few months, you wouldn’t know

4. Is the free plan good-for-nothing?

I have also seen people complaining that the Free plan is useless.

I never for once thought that the Free plan is useless.

You can actually use all the apps under the Free plan.

You can build 3 websites or funnels with 3 custom domains, 1 blog, 1 store, 1 membership portal, use GrooveSell with unlimited customers, unlimited leads and unlimited affiliates, upload 15 videos, and have 500 contacts in GrooveMail.

I don’t think there could be any better and more generous Free plan than Groove.

5. Will it take forever to come out of beta?

I have also found people complaining about the company being slow to fix bugs, slow to develop the features and apps and they are behind schedule to launching. all the apps.

Well, I have to partially agree to this because I don’t think it is a good feeling when you have paid a lot of money upfront and have to wait months or years to get the full product.

I feel the company is on the right foot when they announced recently that, they have moved away from partnerships with other app platforms and now have a laser focus on developing their own apps.

So, they have admitted that they had strayed away a bit themselves.

They definitely need to have laser focus from now on, because we, the customers, need to run our businesses, right?

What are the alternatives to Groove?

The simple answer to this question is that there is really no alternative to Groove at the moment.

I have not found any other software platform in the world that has every app that Groove has.

But having said that, it will be unfair if we do not take a look at some of the popular apps that do the job that Groove does.

I have compared the features and the prices of some of the most popular apps in the market today with Groove below:

Groove Clickfunnels Kajabi Kartra
Brand Websites
Membership Sites
E-Commerce Stores
Email Marketing
Video Marketing
Live Webinars
Evergreen Webinars
Manage Affiliates
Social Proof widgets
Book Appointments
Funnel Mapping
Price Free/Lifetime $297/month $399/month $499/month

Apart from the above, there are apps like Wix and Leadpages with which you can build websites, but they lack marketing features like email marketing, video marketing, social proof, webinars, CRM, etc.

WordPress is free, but you need plugins for almost every job. There are free plugins, but you cannot do everything with them. You need to buy the premium ones.

I have also taken a look at apps like Thinkfic, Teachable, New Zenlar, etc. which are membership sites oriented. But they cannot really be compared to Groove, because Groove is a CRM.

These apps are very costly too, compared to Groove.

For example, Leadpages costs $239/month for up to 50 websites, New Zenlar costs $197/month, Thinkfic – $399/month, and Teachable – $299/month.

So, basically, I didn’t found any good alternative to Groove.

And no other app beats the price of Groove.

I rather think that Groove can actually replace some of the other apps you are using.

So when you compare GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels, GrooveFunnels vs Kartra, GrooveFunnels vs Kajabi, etc., it is not difficult to understand the cost-savings.

Look at the chart below.

  • Clickfunnels (Unlimited) – $297/month
  • Kajabi (3 websites) – $319/month
  • Kartra (10 custom domains) – $499/month
  • Shopify (0.5% fees) – $299/month
  • ActiveCampaign (Unlimited) – $229/month
  • Siteground (100,000 visits) – $14.99/month
  • Vimeo (live stream) – $75/month
  • Streamyard (4hrs. recording) – $20/month
  • Tapfiliate (10,000 affiliates) – $149/month
  • Provely (Unlimited domains) – $37/month
  • Calendly (6 connections) – $12/month
  • Pipedrive (100 automations) – $99/month

You will notice that most of the apps have limits even in their paid plans.

While Groove has limits only in their Free plan.

And if you want to remove all the limits, you can pay $1997 only once; not every month.

It’s a complete no-brainer offer that Groove has now.

What are the features of the different packages?

As I wrote above, Groove has two pricing options right now – Free and Platinum.

You can sign up for the Free plan, which is free for a lifetime, but there are some restrictions to the features you get.

However, I have not seen a generous Free plan as Groove anywhere.

You can basically use all the apps in the Groove suite for as long as you wish. It’s not a trial like the other apps.

This will give you the freedom to test the different apps, as long as you want, before deciding to upgrade.

The Platinum plan that is now available on a lifetime deal for a limited time is equally mind-blowing.

For one payment of just $1997, you get not only to use the Groove suite lifetime, but you get to use Groove to the full power.

All future upgrades are also included.

I have compared GrooveFunnels pricing and the two Groove plans below, vis-a-vis the features.

Groove Pricing

Upto November 2021

  • Free
  • $ 0.00 / Lifetime
  • 3 Websites with 3 Custom domains
  • 1 Membership Site
  • 1 E-commerce Store
  • 1 Blog
  • Shared Funnels – 1 Send & 5 receive
  • 15 Page Imports
  • 100 Members
  • 500 Contacts
  • 5000 Email Sending
  • Transactional Emails to Customers Only
  • No Contact Imports
  • 15 Videos
  • No Encoding, No Bandwidth, No Storage for Videos
  • Unlimited Products, Customers & Affiliates
  • 4.95% + $0.30 for Credit Cards
  • 2% Transaction Fee for Other Processors
  • Sign Up
  • Platinum
  • $1997/ Lifetime
  • Unlimited Websites & Custom domains
  • Unlimited Memberships
  • Unlimited Stores
  • Unlimited Blogs
  • Unlimited Shared Funnels
  • Unlimited Page Imports
  • Unlimited Members
  • 10,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Email Sending
  • Unlimited Emails to Customers
  • Unlimited Contact Imports
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Free Encoding & 100GB Bandwidth and 100 GB Video Storage
  • Unlimited Products, Customers & Affiliates
  • 2.85% + $0.25 for Credit Cards
  • No Transaction Fee for Other Processors
  • Sign Up

There is also a Capacity Booster Pack of $100/month in which you can get an extra 100,000 contacts with unlimited monthly emails, 50GB video storage, and 1TB video bandwidth.

So, there is a provision for high-end users, but most of us do not really need the Capacity Booster Pack.

Why is everybody promoting Groove so hard?

We see the Google SERP swarming with reviews on Groove and how good it is.

There are also Youtube videos, Google ads, Facebook ads, etc. and everybody seems to be promoting Groove somehow.

But what’s the secret?

Well, there is no secret really.

Groove has the most attractive GrooveFunnels affiliate program in the world.

And if you are a Groove user, whether paid or Free, you automatically become a GrooveFunnels affiliate.

There is no application process involved.

The moment you sign up, you will get all the promotion tools (Fig.41) at your disposal to promote Groove.

affiliate tools
Fig.41 The affiliate tools for promoting Groove

All the promotional materials like sales pages, email swipes, blog reviews, articles, banners, thank-you page ads, logout page ads, social media, video reviews, Facebook ads, and signatures are waiting for you to just copy and upload to anywhere you want.

You don’t need to lose time making those yourself.

You start with 20% commissions if you are a Free user.

And if you are a paid user, you stand to earn 40% commissions.

Not only that, there is a 2nd tier of commissions for the paid users, which is 10%.

The Platinum plan available on lifetime deal is indeed a perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn high commissions of over $500 for each upgrade.

So, if you are wondering why you are seeing people selling Groove everywhere, well, that’s why.

Can you depend on Groove to run your business smoothly?

I am running my business on the Groove platform for several months now.

I have seen many people running their funnels successfully on Groove too.

Every day people are asking their queries about the apps in the Facebook community, which means many people around the world are running funnels, websites, and e-commerce stores on Groove (Fig.42).

facebook community
Fig.42 Posts from the Facebook community

So, if you ask whether I can depend on Groove to run my business, my answer will be – Yes.

With the 7 apps that are running with full power now, you can build your funnels, brand websites, e-commerce stores, and membership sites without any problem.

But, you have to look for an alternative app for email marketing and webinars because GrooveMail and GrooveWebinar are on Sandbox mode.

I will also suggest not to transfer your blog to GrooveBlog at the moment.

Although GrooveBlog is released and working, there are bugs and a lot of features are missing.

There are many free alternatives available that you can use until GrooveMail and GrooveBlog become fit for running a business.

But I don’t have any reason to believe that the company will not be able to keep their promise of building the apps in time because:

  • The founders of Groove themselves are running their own business on the Groove platform.
  • The founders themselves need all the apps for their own sake.
  • Mike Filsaime, the CEO of the company, is a well-known person in the industry.
  • The company have a great community.
  • The company have raised sufficient funds for the development of the apps.
  • The company have a pool of developers all over the world developing the apps.
  • We are getting updates for bug fixes and feature deployments regularly.

Hence, apart from emails, webinars, and blogs, you can build funnels, brand websites, e-commerce stores, and membership sites with Groove for now.

So, yes, I am pretty sure you can run your business smoothly if you start working on Groove now.

How to decide whether to upgrade to the paid version of Groove?

If you are still in a dilemma about whether to take the plunge and upgrade to one of the paid plans, then ask yourself these 3 questions, just like I did.

Fig.43 Ask these questions to decide on upgrading

What should be your strategy if you buy Groove now?

As I wrote above, you should first sign up for the Free plan and start playing around with Groove for a week and then decide on upgrading.

After a week, if you decide to upgrade, your strategy should be as below:

  • If you are just starting out then you can use any app except GrooveBlog.
  • If you already have a running business, you can also use any app except GrooveBlog.
  • If any of your current app’s subscription is ending soon, you can also switch to Groove except GrooveBlog.

As GrooveMail is working with the SMTP of SendGrid for the paid users, you can easily use it after upgrading.

But you should not upgrade if you want to have just one blog because GrooveBlog is not fit for doing business. And paying $1997 for just one blog does not make sense.

But If you have plans to build more than one blog in the future or you want to transfer more than one blog from any other platforms you are using, then you can upgrade now to take advantage of the lifetime deal.

So, in a nutshell, whatever stage you are at your business now, you can upgrade and use Groove to build your funnels, brand websites, membership sites, and e-commerce stores.

Keep in mind that you will not get the lifetime deal again ever.

So, this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get everything you need for your business.

It does not matter, whether you need all the apps now or need them in the future. If you buy the lifetime deal, you will be prepared for the future.

So, do not miss it.

Should you upgrade directly or through an affiliate?

Never buy Groove directly. You will miss the extra bonuses that some affiliates offer if you do so.

What are the bonuses if you upgrade through my affiliate link?

I have nothing against other affiliates, but I want you to know that I always give the most useful bonuses if somebody upgrades to the paid plans of any product that I recommend.

It is my way of giving return gifts or saying thanks for clicking my affiliate link.

my groove bonus
getting my groove bonus


Groove has received massive support from the digital marketer’s community.

Over 450,000 people joined Groove till now, as per their website. So they must be doing something right.

When I upgraded to the Platinum plan last year, I didn’t know what I was doing really.

The Lifetime deal was too “juicy” to miss.

I didn’t have any particular business plan back then. But after I joined Groove, I started to see the big picture.

And it’s not just the lifetime deal for which I upgraded.

In fact, I have not seen such a good product as Groove in my 10 years of digital marketing experience.

I have given it a long thought before I upgraded.

And I have shared it all with you in this GrooveFunnels review so that you too can make the right decision for yourself.

Apart from the Groove app itself and the lifetime deal, the company and the community are really great.

When all the apps are built and Groove comes out of beta, this will definitely be a game-changer in the industry.

I didn’t want to miss the bus.

You shouldn’t too.